Your Bonita Springs Chiropractor


Dr. Jennifer Foster was a parent of a beautiful daughter who went through raging temper tantrums lasting four to five hours about two to three times per week. After visiting endless pediatricians and doctors, nobody could help. Through prayer, Dr. Jenn landed a job at a chiropractic office that practiced the way she practices today. Her first impression of her boss was one of serious skepticism because of his alternative methods. After dealing with another tantrum, the chiropractor she worked for told Dr. Jenn to bring in her daughter for an appointment. Within 24 hours of the first chiropractic visit with her daughter Dr. Jenn had a completely different child. That’s when she knew she had to become a chiropractor. She had to help other parents save the lives of their children and in turn save their own lives. In essence, Dr. Jenn is a Holistic Health Care Chiropractor – with a mission to educate the world with the “how” to end chronic disease.