Your feet are the foundation of your body. Many knee hip and back pains are the result of poorly support feet. Since the bones in your feet make up 25% of the bones in your entire body, it is important to keep them aligned and supported. Providing a solution to make each step more comfortable and supported can benefit your overall health, including your digestion. Fastech custom orthotics is that support.

Who needs custom foot support?

Everyone can benefit from proper foot support! Shoes are designed for one size fits all, but every foot is different. It is important to support the foot and ankle during weight-bearing activity. This aligns the joints providing stability and comfort, allowing for better weight distribution to significantly reduce pain and discomfort.

What’s special about Fastech custom foot support?

Fastech orthotics and insoles are completely custom and molded directly to your foot resulting in a perfect fit every time. They are made from the most supportive and comfortable materials available, offering 100% satisfaction.

Where can I get Fastech?

Your Fastech orthotics and insoles can be made and dispensed here in this facility in 30 minutes.

Fitting Process

Bring the shoes you plan to use. We suggest one pair you like to wear and one pair you have to wear. You’ll be evaluated to determine which support will benefit you most. Your custom insole will be directly molded to your unique foot.¬†Watch the video below.

Why Does the FASTECH model work?

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